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Sizing Machine On Paper Making Line

We have introduced an advanced control system that can accurately control the amount and speed of glue application by the sizing machine to ensure that every point of application meets the requirements and avoid waste and defective products. At the same time, our sizing machine also adopts intelligent automation technology, which can realize unmanned operation, greatly improving production efficiency and work safety.

Design Data Of Sizing Machine

Sizing roll diameter: φ1250mm

Sizing roll surface width: 5000mm

Design speed: 850m/min

Working speed: 750m/min

Dynamic balancing speed: 900m/min

Sizing line pressure: 20-60kN/m

Sizing amount: 3-6gsm

Our sizing machines not only have cutting-edge technology and reliable performance, but can also meet the glue application needs of various industries, helping customers achieve accurate and efficient production. Welcome to contact us. Email address: