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Vacuum Couch Roll for 400T Kraft Paper Machine

Our vacuum couch roll for the 400T Kraft Paper Machine is equipped with a range of high-quality components including a vacuum box, vacuum regulation valve, wet spray pipes, as well as operational and drive side bearings. The internal piping is made of durable 304 stainless steel, ensuring longevity and performance.

The operational panel is designed with various quick-change pipe connections, a robust stainless steel vibration-resistant vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, waterproofing, and stainless steel vacuum regulation valve for precise and efficient operation. The clear indication of the suction area ensures seamless operation.

Details of Vacuum Couch Roll

Specifications: φ1000/6050 mm

Suction area width: high vacuum 200 mm

Roller material: stainless steel (SUS304) roll plate, wall thickness 35 mm

Roller surface drilling: double spiral hole layout, surface expansion

Opening rate: The opening rate is ≥24%, the expansion rate is about ≥62%, the suction hole

diameter is Φ8 mm, the cone hole diameter is Φ13 mm, and the expansion depth is uniform.Inner wall roughness: Ra0.8

Trust our vacuum couch roll to enhance the performance and efficiency of your 400T Kraft Paper Machine. Contact us today to learn more about this reliable and advanced solution for your paper manufacturing needs.

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