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Vacuum Couch Roll for Kraft Paper Machine

The vacuum couch roll is positioned after the press section of the machine and before the dryer section. As the wet paper web passes over the roll, the vacuum system sucks water through the wire mesh and out of the paper , helping to remove moisture and increase the paper’s dryness.

The vacuum couch roll is also important for maintaining the web’s surface quality and eliminating wrinkles or creases that may occur during the paper-making process. It plays a critical role in ensuring the paper is of high quality and meets the required specifications.

Details of Vacuum Couch Roll

Specifications: Φ900×5000×35mm

Drive side shaft: Material 45# steel, belt drive

Operation side shaft: Material 45# steel

Vacuum box: cast iron.

Closed system: pneumatic tube and sealing strip

Adjustment system: including worm gear and worm system

Cleaning spray pipe: stainless steel body, nozzle: fan-shaped Ф2.5mm

Operation side bearing shell: material HT200

Drive side bearing shell: material HT200

In summary, the vacuum couch roll is a key component in the production of kraft paper. It helps to dewater the paper web, improve its surface quality, and ultimately, ensures the production of high-quality paper products.

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