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What Are The Common Paper Diseases In the Paper Machine Wire Part?

The key part of the web wet paper sheet formation is also the source of many paper defects. There are many factors that cause paper defects in the wire part. Sludge and accumulation on the frame, especially on the panel of the suction box, can also cause paper defects when entering the wire part.

Common paper diseases in the web department:

1. When the slurry is thrown away from the wire part, if it is light, it will cause paper holes or edge cracks on the edge of the paper. If it is heavy, it will cause paper breakage.
Slurry throwing at the wire part is generally caused by the mesh edge of the core layer being unclean. The wire edge of the core layer being unclean may be due to poor adjustment of the flushing water, or may be due to fluctuations in the liquid level of the white water tank outside the paper machine. The pulp is sometimes thrown away at the lead-out angle of the top wire and the core wire. This is because too much pulp accumulates on the edge of the wire. Special attention should be paid when copying high-density paper types.

2. Water needle: The water needle can be said to be a key to the paper machine, and special care must be taken in its maintenance.

3. High-pressure water in the wire part: The high-pressure water in the wire part is responsible for cleaning. If the high-pressure water is blocked, the forming wire is in danger of being blocked by fine fibers and resin, which will cause poor dehydration in the wire part and cause curtain penetration.

4. Spray starch tube: The paper defects that are easy to occur in the spray starch tube are: starch spots and small bright spots. Sometimes the pressure of spraying starch is too small, and the starch does not become mist, but in the form of drops, which will also appear on the paper surface. Causes continuous starch dripping disease.

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