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2024 Vietnam International Paper and Packaging Exhibition

At the Vietnam Paper Exhibition, Leizhan proudly unveiled the innovative NLS low-pulse web-front pressure screen, captivating a diverse audience of customers who were impressed by its cutting-edge design and advanced processing technology.

Throughout the exhibition, a multitude of new and loyal customers congregated at Leizhan’s booth to reconnect and engage in fruitful discussions about future collaborations. These customers commended Leizhan for its unwavering commitment to prioritizing quality in all aspects of its operations. Leizhan remains dedicated to partnering with Vietnamese paper making counterparts to drive the growth of the local industry.

The resounding success at the exhibition has significantly elevated the presence and impact of Leizhan Machinery in Vietnam. The company’s relentless pursuit of technological innovation positions it to continue leading the way in propelling advancements in the paper making sector in Vietnam and beyond, underscoring its commitment to making meaningful contributions to the global industry landscape. For more details or inquiries, please contact us at