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250,000T OCC Pulping Line For Shengyuan

The advancement and stability of the equipment provided by Leizhan to Shengyuan will provide strong support for the upgrading of Shengyuan’s waste paper recycling production line, and provide a strong guarantee for the production quality and capacity improvement of its high-end packaging paper production line.

The core rotor of Leizhan’s pulper system is made of high-grade cast wear-resistant alloy material, and the optimized rotor design has the same effect and quality control as the international counterparts. The transmission adopts the form of a reducer directly connected to the rotor, which reduces maintenance points and ensures stable and reliable operation.

The cooperation between Zhengzhou Leizhan and Hebei Shengyuan will not only promote technological upgrading and product innovation in the paper industry, but also open up a new path for the development of the two companies. Email address: