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Doctor Blade For Paper Machine

Doctor blade

Doctor blade is a more complex system, has a great impact on the quality of the paper, to improve paper machine performance and paper quality by improving the doctor blade system.

Two important factors that affect the efficiency of the paper machine and the quality of the paper are moisture – excess moisture and stickers – contaminants.

Suction Couch Roll double doctor system:

1. According to the different types of paper can reduce the moisture content of 0.5 to 3.5%;
2. Improve the horizontal moisture quality of the paper;
3. Reduce the consumption of steam, improve the speed of paper machine

The double doctor system can help clean the dryer cylinder surface and prevent destructive particles from affecting the surface properties of the paper.

What causes the doctor blade effect is not good?

The biggest problem is that impurities enter the doctor fixture inside.

Solve the correct and effective doctor method

1. Select the correct doctor fixture: the forward finger-like structure prevents impurities from accumulating – ensuring uniform blade loading pressure.

2.┬áMaintenance – doctor system is properly set – blade level, doctor blade angle and fixture adjustment.