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Paper Machine Rollers

Paper machine rollers

Paper machine rollers play a very important role in paper making process, there are various rollers in paper machine sections, like Breast roller, Turning roller, Return roller, Suction couch roller, the role of the different positions of the roller is not the same, the following is the features of different part rollers in paper machine.

Paper machine rollers

Wire part rollers

Wire part rollers contain Breast roller, Turning roller, Return roller, Suction couch roller, etc. Features: in the effective length the dry to 18-20% dryness, reasonable dehydration in different stages, paper sheet form well, filler and fiber loss as small as possible.

Press part rollers

To achieve closed operation, to maintain operational efficiency Symmetrical dewatering to improve the two sides to meet the characteristics of the slurry, achieve the maximum dehydration 40-42%, nail evenly dehydration, to achieve uniform moisture content, improve the mechanical properties of paper

Drying part rollers

The appropriate steam energy drying the paper sheet, the drying dryness reached 95% and maintain a certain physical strength. For some special paper in the drying process to be a specific surface treatment of high-speed operation of the safe delivery of paper full of water as much as possible consistent, high-speed operation and safely deliver the sheet, the water of full sheet maintain consistency.

Finishing part rollers( Calender, reeling, rewinder)

Uniform line pressure, obtain different smoothness, gloss and loose thickness of various kinds of paper, the least loss of paper break and broken head, reduce the auxiliary time, keep the constant pressure between paper roll and paper roll cylinder and the the constant tension during paper sheet reeling, trimming neatly, tightly fit into paper rolls.