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ZDFD Series Single Effect Fiber Separator

ZDFD series single effect fiber separator is specially design by Leizhan engineers which is used for secondary breaking and screening of waste paper pulp in paper pulp screening system, meanwhile, separating the light and heavy impurities from the pulp. The screen plate hole of the device can be increased, which improves the production capacity.

Main specification of PZ Series Reject Separator

1. Specially designed impeller can break fiber effectively and it is good for the separate and remove light and heavy impurities.

2. Automatically discharge according to requirement, run reliably.

Technical Data Of PZ Series Reject Separator:

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Production Capacity (t/d) 50-70 80-120 180-250 280-360 300-400 400-500
Concentration of Input Pulp(%) 2-4
Pressure of Input Pulp (Mpa) 0.15-0.20
Pressure difference (Mpa) 0.03-0.05
Power of motor (Kw) 45 55 75-90 160 200 280

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