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Paper Machine Calender for Paper Making Line

 Paper Making Equipment Calender for Paper Making Line, Paper Machine for Paper Mill

After the surface of the printed matter is coated, the glazing layer is dried. If the smoothness and gloss of the glazing coating are to be improved again, the Paper Machine Calender can be calendered.

The Paper Machine Calender works in a continuous rolling mode. Generally, the gloss of the glazing is about 65-85%, and after calendering, it can reach a gloss of 90-95% or more.

Main Features of Paper Machine Calender

1. The paper machine calender belt is a specially treated stainless steel ring steel strip.

2. The pressure of the pressure roller is mostly electro-hydraulic pressure regulation system, which can accurately meet the pressure requirement in calendering.

3. The calendering speed can be controlled by a speed-regulating drive motor or a slip motor.

If the Paper Mill need a Paper Machien Calender to improve the gloss and the strength of paper, can ask us for more details about the Paper Machine Calender, we will give a moderate price but good quality about the Paper Machine Calender