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ZPT Series M.C. Bleaching Tower


ZPT Series M.C. Bleaching Tower Paper making processing machine is mainly used for the bleaching of waste paper pulp in M.C. bleaching section of stock preparation process.

Features of ZPT Series M.C. Bleaching Tower

1. Slender shape with shuts in both ends makes it easy for stock to rise and prevents stock from detaining.

2. Baffle devices in the tower makes uniform distribution of stock.

3. Steel frame structure, good rigidity, easy to install.

4. Connecting pulp parts is stainless steel, corrosion resistance, long service life.

Technical Data of ZPT Series M.C. Bleaching Tower

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Type ZPT31 ZPT32 ZPT33
Specification 15 25 45
Bleaching Temperature( ℃) 60
Bleaching Consistency(%) 8-12
Bleaching Time(min) 20-30
Processing Capacity(t/d) 40-60 80-120 120-180
Diameter of Tower(mm) 1600 2000 2600
Height of Tower(mm) 9250 9850 10500

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