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40T Tissue Paper Machine

This tissue paper machine is 2200/160 multi-wire and multi-cylinder paper machine. Tissue paper machine is designed for the production of 70-150 gsm liner paper and similar products. It features a multi-wire and multi-cylinder structure and generates web paper output. This tissue paper machine comprises sections for stock formation, pressing, drying, winding, base construction, and auxiliary systems to support paper production.

Technical Parameters Of Paper Machine

Main products: facial tissue, liner paper, etc.

Quantitative range: 70-150 gsm

Clean paper width: 2200 mm

Production capacity: 40 t/d

Design speed: 160 m/min

Working speed: 60-120 m/min

Dynamic balancing speed: 250 m/min

Net width: 2600 mm

Rail moment: 3200 mm

Transmission mode: Full digital AC motor variable frequency speed regulation partial transmission

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