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4600mm Underfeed Rewinder For Paper Mill

Rewinder machines are carefully engineered to enhance your production efficiency, resulting in significant time and labor savings for your business. With their superior features and performance, our rewinder machines are designed to help you achieve maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness in your operations.

The main features of this rewinding machine are as follows:

1. Our equipment incorporates an automatic stop feature that activates when the paper web breaks or when there is no paper left on the unloading roll.

2. Our system is equipped with an automatic fault detection and alarm system, ensuring quick identification and prompt response to any issues that may arise.

3. You can easily set, modify, and monitor the real-time torque rate change of the bottom roller on our equipment.

4. With our equipment, you have the option to set the minimum speed limit diameter for unwinding rolls, and it also includes an automatic speed limit function to ensure smooth operation.

For more detailed information about our rewinder machine and to place an order, please feel free to reach out to us. We are committed to offering you the best solution that meets your needs. We encourage you to contact us at your convenience. You can reach us by email at