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5TPD Tissue Paper Making Machine

5tpd tissue paper making machine is designed for the production of high-quality tissue paper rolls, with a net paper width of 1760mm. It efficiently utilizes a range of raw materials such as recycled waste paper and wood pulp. Leizhan’s 5tpd tissue paper making machine offers numerous benefits to customers, including superior efficiency, outstanding stability, and consistent reliability.

Main Information of Tissue Paper Making Machine

Paper type: tissue paper
Net width: 1760mm
Gram weight: 13-30gsm
Design speed: 180m/min
Working speed: 140-170m/min
Daily output: 5-10tpd
Track gauge: 2400mm
Transmission mode: AC frequency segment drive
Power: 34KW

Leizhan provides a complete set of tissue production line equipment, as well as detailed installation support and extensive after-sales service for paper mills. If you are planning a new tissue production project, feel free to contact us via email for more information.

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