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Arc Screen for Paper Recycling Machine

Arc screen features a curved screen surface that facilitates the separation of fibers, fillers, and other particles of varying sizes. By utilizing the arc screen, paper recycling machines can achieve enhanced efficiency in removing unwanted materials and ensuring the quality of the recycled pulp.

Applications and Characteristics of Arc Screen

1. Fiber Recovery: Efficiently treats white water in various pulping and paper-making processes to recover fibers.

2. Thickening: Effectively thickens accept pulp and tailings pulp in the screening and cleaning system.

3. White Water Purification: Purifies white water used for spray water in the paper machine and enables the purification and reuse of press water from the paper machine.

4. Fiber Fractionating: Facilitates the fractionating of long and short fibers and the separation of large fiber bundles.

5. Separation of Fiber and Filler: Supports the washing of deinking pulp and the washing of coated broken pulp.

6. Sewage Treatment: Removes solid suspended solids, contributing to effective wastewater treatment.

Arc screen contributes to the production of high-quality recycled paper products while optimizing the overall recycling process. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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