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Common Equipment For Toilet Paper Machines

Looking for an efficient toilet paper machine to achieve your production goals? Our toilet paper machines are your best choice! With a paper width of 3650 mm and a maximum paper roll diameter of 3000 mm, this toilet paper machine can produce up to 96 tons of paper per day, helping you easily achieve high production.

The paper machine is designed with walking platforms on both the operation and transmission sides for easy maintenance and operation. A rear walking platform on the main beam spans the entire forming section and connects to the top transverse platform. Quick-plug parts on the operation side platforms facilitate screen changes. All walking platforms, handrails, stairs, and treads on the toilet paper machine are constructed with aluminum oxide for durability and safety.

Improve your production process with our user-friendly paper machines, designed to simplify operation and maintenance. Choose our machines for a seamless production experience. Contact us at for more details.