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Light Impurity Separator For Stock Preparation Line

The light impurity separator effectively removes light impurities by utilizing powerful eddy currents created by the rotor at its base, which gather the impurities in the center of an air vortex for removal. The pulp is then deflaked as it passes between the rotor and screen at the bottom of the light impurity separator, with the clean pulp being typically returned to the pulper. This light impurity separator operates with high reliability, excels in removing slag, and consistently produces top-quality pulp.

Application & Features

1. Energy-efficient operation, utilizing electricity only when required. Minimizes impurity build-up to enhance production efficiency.

2. Efficiently captures heavy impurities and removes tailings with low fiber content either periodically or continuously.

3. Robust and long-lasting construction capable of managing high volumes of impurities.

4. Features streamlined design with minimal rotating components, enhancing reliability and ease of maintenance.

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