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Recycle Paper Producction Line Tissue Machine For Paper Mill

tissue paper machine roll for paper mill
Recycle paper production line is one kind of machine in paper industry. It uses virgin pulp & wooden pulp board & recycling paper ,white paper shaving as material to make Toilet paper,tissue paper,napkin paper,handchief paper. In general :
1.Pulp equipment
2.Paper making machine
(structure is single cylinder mould and single dryer)
3.Some relative processing machine
(Toilet paper perforating and rewinding machine, band cutter, sealing machine)

Technical Parameters Of Tiddue Machine:

Technical parameters

Finally output paper Toilet paper,tissue paper,napkin paper,handkerchief paper
Gram weight  13-31g

and accept customized service

Jumbo roll paper width  1092mm 1575mm 1880mm 2100mm 2400mm 2880mm 

 and accept others customized service

Capacity  2-3on/day  and accept other customized service
Raw material  Wooden pulp board, virgin pulp,white paper shaving,   recycling paper
Paper machine structure  Cylinder mould machine
Remarks wooden pulp board ,vrign pulp is best material ,so it can produce high quality paper,












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