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The Importance Of Paper Evenness In Paper Machines

Paper formation is the first sensory indicator of human beings. The formation of paper machine paper not only affects the aesthetic value of the paper, but also affects the physical and optical properties of the paper. It is one of the most basic and important indicators of paper quality. The paper quality indicators of almost all paper machines are closely related to formation. Not only that, formation is also known as the “public relations lady” for products to win the market and users. What’s more, some people compare formation to the face of a paper making company.

Measures to improve formation:

1. Selecting the appropriate pulp type and fiber ratio according to different paper types is very necessary to improve evenness.

2. The better the fiber brooming is, the more conducive it is to protecting the fiber length and uniform fiber interweaving, and the less conducive to fiber dispersion. When long fibers are beaten, they must be fully broomed and properly cut.

3. Regardless of intermittent or continuous slurry mixing, various slurries must be mixed evenly.

4. After mixing and slurrying, grinding and finishing again will help to improve the degree of uniform dispersion of fibers and avoid the influence of unstable slurry ratio on uniformity.

5. During production, pay attention to whether the agitator and other homogenization equipment can ensure that all components of the slurry mixing process are sufficient. At the same time, check whether the propeller can fully turbulence the slurry in the mixing tank or front tank so that the components can be evenly mixed. .

Paper wet forming is not the arrangement of individual fibers and other components, but the redistribution of paper flocs. Therefore, formation is defined as the uniformity of fiber tissue or the uniformity of paper opacity. If you want to know more details, please contact us. Email: