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Vacuum Pressure Roll For Tissue Paper Machine

The vacuum pressure roll operates by using suction and pressure to remove excess water from the paper web. This helps increase the dryness of the sheet and improves the formation and consistency of the tissue paper. The vacuum pressure roll helps extract water from the paper web, reducing the moisture content and increasing the dryness.

Vacuum Pressure Roll of Tissue Paper Machine

Diameter: Ø1250

Face width: 4200

Covering thickness: 20 mm, hardness: 20 P&J, material: polyurethane Through hole, groove, low noise

Vacuum chamber: single chamber

Material: Roller body double stainless steel
Carbon steel shaft head ductile iron bearing seat roller core stainless steel

Loading: hydraulic loading

Drilling: 20%, drilling 4.0 mm on the rubber, 4.5 mm drilling on the roller shell, opening rate 26%

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