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Φ1500mm Underfeed Rewinder For Paper Making Line

One of the key advantages of the underfeed rewinder is its ability to maintain consistent tension throughout the rewinding operation. By controlling the speed and torque, it ensures even distribution of the paper onto the rewinding core, minimizing imperfections such as wrinkles and bagginess.

Additionally, modern underfeed rewinders are designed to handle a wide range of paper types, sizes, and weights. They can accommodate various core sizes, allowing for flexibility in the finished roll dimensions as required by different customers and applications.

Details Of Paper Machine Underfeed Rewinder

1. Threaded paper type: underfeed paper

2. Paper grade: Corrugated paper

3. Paper basis weight: 120-600gsm

4. Finished paper diameter: Φ1500mm

5. Working speed: 1000m/min

6. Inner diameter of paper tube core: 76mm

In summary, the underfeed rewinder system maximizes the efficiency and output of the paper manufacturing process by enabling the production of consistent and superior-quality paper rolls that meet the specific requirements of the market. Email address: