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10TPD Toilet Paper Production Line

Toilet paper machine
High quality toilet paper use wood pulp or white shavings as raw material, the toilet paper making project our engineer designed based on customer requirements and our rich experience, the following is some details of this toilet paper making project from pulping process to toilet paper machine.

Toilet paper machine technical data

Paper grade: toilet paper, hands paper, tissue paper
Stock stype: regenerated pulp
Net of paper width: 2200mm
GSM: 14-30g/㎡
Production speed: 180-220m/min
Driving speed: 250m/min
Capacity: 8-10t/d
Driving power: 71.5kw

Pulping process

This pulping process use regenerated pulp as raw material, need conveyor system, pulping system, cleaning system, screening system, and pulp washer, deinking machine to make the pulp to meet paper making requirements. The toilet paper making can use wood pulp, white shavings, straw pulp, etc., as raw material and the raw material quality determines the quality of the paper, we manufacture various kinds of paper pulp machine for different stock preparation, the energy saving is the one of features of our equipment, if you have any need, welcome to consult us.