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1200mm Toilet Paper Machine

Toilet paper machine
1200mm toilet paper machine use wood pulp, white shavings or waste paper as raw material to produce high quality toilet paper. Leizhan tissue paper machine is on hot sale.

Toilet paper machine technical data

Trimmed width: 1200mm
GSM: 18-25g/㎡
Speed: 80-100m/min
Capacity: 2t/d
Speed: 80-100m/min

Wood pulp stock preparation line

Vertical hydrapulper: 3m³, h=10mm, C=3~5%
High density cleaner: Q=1400l/min, C=3~5%, P= 0.2~0.5MPa
Claflin refiner: Ø350mm, C=3~5%
Double disc refiner: Ø380mm, C=3~5%

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