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12T/D Toilet Paper Production Line

toilet paper machine

Papermaking machine mainly composed by felt washing, cylinder section, dryer section, reeling, drive, steam hood, etc. And our engineer give the following solution to produce 12t/24h toilet paper for paper making friends.

Main structure instruction

1.Felt washing device:

1.1 Wet  section  frame is  section steel welding or cast iron square box, match with pneumatic corrector, electric tensioner, suction box, blanket wash tank, felt  roll etc.

1.2.Suction box:  box body is  carbon steel , panel beset with ceramic

1.3. Blanket wash tank: 4mm stainless steel  welding

1.4.Lead roll, stretch roll

1.5. Felt trasher:made by stainless steel.

1.6.According to the drawing requirements ,trued with moving shower pipe with nozzle, electric blanket stretcher and pneumatic corrector. End face with  water fender made by stainless steel . Moving shower pipe motor is waterproof motor.

2.Cylinder section:

2.1Wire frame is steel plate welded frame and done annealing treatment, Outsourcing stainless steel.

2.2.Sizing form: Pulp input through manifold  of square pyramid pipes, 304 stainless steel material

2.3.Net groove:stainless stell make.

2.4. Vacuum box: box body material is carbon steel,single slit 2 sets,double slit 4 sets.Surface inset with ceramic , floating roller suction box is suck-back type.

2.5.Shower pipe: with high pressure moving shower pipe 1 set, (with nozzle) material is stainless steel.

This is only part of the program, if you want to know more details, welcome to consult us.