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20T Per Day Tissue Paper Making Line

Our tissue paper making lines are equipped with advanced technology and processes that ensure the production of high-quality pulp, meeting rigorous industry standards.

By employing state-of-the-art equipment and optimized methods, our tissue paper making line maximizes the efficiency of the pulping and refining process. Through the utilization of efficient screening and cleaning technology, impurities and contaminants are effectively eliminated, ensuring the pure and clean composition of the pulp.

Key Equipment of Tissue Paper Making Line

1. Chain Conveyor: BFW1200, Working width: B=1200 mm, Estimated total length 24 m

Chain conveyor is a device applied to transport pulp and paper. It transports pulp or paper from one process to another through a transmission system composed of chains and pallets.

2. High Consistency Hydrapulper: ZDSG5, 5m3, C=14~18%

High consistency hydrapulper is essential in the paper making line as it efficiently converts waste paper into high-quality pulp, facilitates the deinking process, and ensures the stability and uniformity of the pulp suspension. It significantly contributes to improving the quality and efficiency of paper production while promoting the sustainable use of waste materials.

3. High Density Cleaner: ZSC2, Q=800~1400 l/min, C=2~4%, P= 0.2~0.5 MPa

High density cleaner is a machine designed to eliminate bulky contaminants in the paper pulp during the paper making process. By utilizing both physical force and centrifugal force, it effectively separates dense impurities like sand, stones, and metal fragments from the pulp, leading to enhanced pulp quality and overall efficiency.

By placing great emphasis on technological advancements and consistent enhancements, Our tissue paper making line machines are able to manufacture tissue pulp that surpasses expectations in terms of performance. Welcome to contact us by email: