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25TPD Toilet Paper Production Line

Toilet paper machine

25T/D Toilet Paper Production Line divides into wood pulp making process and toilet paper making process, high quality raw materials are the prerequisite for the production of high quality toilet paper, so in pulping line generally use wood pulp or white shavings as raw material, but if there is no good paper machine its also difficult to ensure the quality of pulp to meet the requirements of paper, both this is important for papermaking industry.

25T/D Paper pulp making machine

The wood pulp, white shavings and other cleaner raw material just use several equipment to meet the paper making needs.

D type hydrapulper: suitable for all kinds of raw material, 5m³, h=10mm, C=3~5%,  Power: 75kwh

High density cleaner: Q=1800~2600l/min, C=3~5%, P=0.2~0.5MPa

Conical refiner: ∅450mm, C=3~5%, Power: 160kwh

Double disc refiner: ∅450mm, C=3~5%, Power: 110kwh

Inflow pressure screen: A=1㎡, s=0.35mm, C=0.4%, Power=18.5kwh

Toilet paper machine

Production ratio: 13~40g/㎡

Net of paper width: 2600mm

Distant between soleplates: 3600mm

Capacity: 25t/d

Design speed: 600m/min

Working speed: 500m/min

Driving type: sectional drive