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2850 mm Tissue Paper Making Machine

The tissue paper machine, tailored for specific production needs, is vital in satisfying the market’s requirements for essential paper products applied widely in households and businesses. Through its ability to accommodate different raw materials and designs, these tissue paper machines enable the production of customized and high-quality tissue papers that cater to consumers’ preferences and meet industry standards.

Details of Tissue Paper Machine

1. Paper Machine Form: Single Wire, Single felt, Crescent Former Tissue Machine

2. Machine direction: right/left hand machine

3. Dimensions of paper machine body (including walking platform and transmission foundation): Length x width x height: 20000 x 15000 x 6000

4. Paper type: tissue paper

5. Maximum gross output of reeling machine: 40 tons/day

6. Paper Raw Materials: reed pulp

7. Reeling machine paper width: 2850 mm

8. Yankee face paper width: 2860 mm

9. Wrinkle rate:
13 gsm( 20 – 25% wrinkle rate ) gsm
32 gsm ( 15 – 40% wrinkle rate ) gsm

Our tissue paper machines can be individually tailored to meet the precise quality specifications outlined by customers, providing for the production of bespoke tissue paper products according to their preferences. For inquiries or to learn more about our paper machines, please reach out to us via email at