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40T/D White Shavings Stock Preparation Line

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Paper making friends use white shavings stock as raw material to produce tissue paper, Our engineer design pulping project for customer for their new 40t/d tissue paper making line.

White Shavings Stock Preparation Line

Raw material: white shavings stock(without ink)

Capacity: 40t/18h

Need equipment: D type hydrapulper, Dump pump, High density cleaner, Pulp chest agitator, Pulp pump, Conical refiner, Double disc refiner, White water pump, Pre-machine screen.

As the raw material is white shavings stock(without ink), the pulping process is more simple, which don’t need screening system, and many stage just need 1st stage can achieve the pulping purpose. So what’s the advantage of Leizhan paper machine, that caught customers to select us.

1. our paper machine D type hydrapulper contact with pulp part is 304#stainless steel and High density cleaner’s vertebral body  is wear-resistant ceramic cone, have long service life.

2. High density cleaner—valve adopt Linuo brand, Sediment tank adopt PLC control automatic slagging.

3. Pressure screen—used before headbox, the cylinder is 304 stainless steel, automatic oiling device imported from South Korea, automatic water inlet device imported from Finland, the sensor from Germany, these devices make the pulping equipment run safer and more reliable.

This is project for tissue paper making, cleaner than other paper making project, in Kraft/Corrugated/Coating paper pulping line, which use waste paper as raw material, need install screening equipment and more pulp machine to improve the pulp quality.


During this process heavy impurities wear the machine easily, so we need clean up the impurities on a regular basis, prepare some vulnerable parts for spare parts, like bearing, screen drum, belt, etc.