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5TPD Tissue Paper Manufacturing Line

Tissue paper machine

Living paper is life necessities, there is a huge market, and people’s quality of life paper is also getting higher and higher, so how to produce high-quality and high-yield toilet paper?

5T/D Tissue paper machine technical data

Paper kind: Toilet Paper
Trimmed width: 2880mm
GSM: 13-30g/㎡
Rail distance: 3800mm
Capacity: 5-7t/d
Working speed: 150-170m/min
Design speed: 180m/min

Good quality paper machine play a very important role in paper making industry, it can save manpower, reduce energy consumption, reduce follow-up maintenance costs, and the most important is provide a guarantee for the production of high quality toilet paper, meanwhile increase the capacity. At the same time we manufacture stock preparation line, and we have many successfully cases and all running smoothly, which bring benefits for customer.