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Advanced Pulp Preparation Machine Reject Separator

The main purpose of the pulp preparation machine in reject separator is to improve the quality of the pulp applied in paper making by removing unwanted materials. Reject separator helps prevent damage to equipment downstream, improves the performance of subsequent paper making processes, and reduces the amount of waste generated.

Key details about the pulp preparation machine of Reject Separator

Inlet: The machine has an inlet through which the reject stream is fed.

Rotor: The rotor is equipped with blades or paddles that help to agitate and break up the reject stream.

Screening plates: The machine incorporates screening plates or screens that are mounted on the rotor. These screens have openings of varying sizes, allowing the pulp to pass through while capturing and retaining larger contaminants.

Reject separator often allows for adjustments to optimize the separation process. Variables like rotor speed, screen opening size, and feeding rate can be controlled to achieve the desired separation efficiency. If you need more details, please contact us. Email address: