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Causes and Treatment of Holes in Tissue Paper

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Sometimes there will occur holes in tissue paper during paper making process, and this have a bad impact on finished paper quality, so what cause the paper holes and how to solve this problem?

Causes and Treatment of Holes in Tissue Paper

1. Irregular holes: uneven temperature of the dryer produces irregular holes.
Solution: appropriate to reduce the dryer steam pressure, or reduce the amount of sticky cylinder, increase the amount of stripping agent. It is best to change a new doctor blade.

2. Holes in the shape of a fixed size: the general case is due to the wear of felt, cylinder mould or roller
Solution: ① If the felt is stained and caused the hole, clean the area of the felt problem can be solved; If the wear position of the felt corresponds to the edge position of the original paper, it can avoid the hole by adjusting the position of the hair felt. If it occurs in the middle of the felt, only the felt can be replaced. ② If the cylinder mould mesh is damaged, the general situation is broken line, this kind of situation is rare, usually because the slurry filter is not thorough, the dirt runs to the wire surface. ③ If the roller is worn, it is usually a surface gel deformation (bulge) or wear, and the solution is that the roller needs to be resealable.

3. Continuous strip holes: The entire perimeter of the felt is scratched, which is less. It is most likely due to the pulp stuck of the headbox nozzle.
Solution: Stop the feeding and start again. To wash away the stuck pulp with the help of the pulp feeding force. If not, you can only remove the cylinder mould and clean the lip plate directly.

4. Regular needle hole: usually because of the cylinder mould mesh is blocked, often because of the resin adhesion
Solution: You can use gasoline to clean the resin.

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