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Chain Conveyor For Paper Pulping Machine

Chain conveyor is the most common type of conveyor. Leizhan can adjust the relevant values of the chain conveyor and replace different types of chains according to the needs of customer. Leizhan’s chain conveyor is deeply trusted and loved by customers at home and abroad.

Main Specification

1. The groove plate is stamped and formed, with high strength and impact resistance.

2. The conveyor chain plate adopts a closed design to prevent material leakage.

3. Double-row roller traction chain, hollow roller shaft, oil can be injected from the pin to the shaft sleeve and tin-zinc-copper wear-resistant bushing.

4. The two rows of chains are connected as a whole using long shafts to prevent the chain plates from deflecting.

5. The sprocket is made of cast steel to improve the wear resistance.

6. The baffle plate is V-shaped to increase the material throughput.

7. Orbital operation, smooth, reliable, low friction and low power consumption.

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