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Doctor Blade for Paper Machine

doctor blade for paper making
With the paper machine width and speed gradually increased, the doctor blade in the paper machine running for the roller surface cleaning and the role of the paper is also more and more important, paper machine scraper and scraper selection and application of the correctness for paper performance, paper machine running stability, roller life is particularly important. So how to select doctor blade for different paper machine section?

Selection of doctor blade

Selection of doctor blade for wire and press part: The main role of the scraper in wire and press part is scraping the water, pulp in surface of the roller, and guiding sheet, due to more water, according to the roller surface of different materials, respectively, using polyethylene, polycarbonate, with cotton fiber Phenolic resin, stainless steel and other materials. The angle of the scraper is approximately 25 °

Selection of doctor blade for dying part: Drying scraper role is to clean the surface of the cylinder and roller and remove the tiny dirt, at the same time as a guide and to prevent paper breakage winding cylinder. Drying doctor blade commonly used high-temperature phosphor bronze, glass fiber or carbon fiber. Drying scraper angle is about 30 °

Selection of doctor blade for Sizing machine: Sizing scraper selection can refer to the Department of Wire, scrapers usually use high molecular polyethylene. Sizing roller scraper angle is about 20 °

Calender roller, reeling cylinder scraper selection: Usually adopt 20% carbon fiber scraper blade, temperature of about 185 ℃. Calender roller blade angle of about 30 °

Coating scraper selection: The traditional metal blade wear faster, ceramic scraper blade is usually used, the coated surface of good quality, high quality paper suface, and cold and hot cylinder scraper selection of the same material with the drying section, the scraper using polymer poly Ethylene material.