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Drum Screen In Waste Paper Recycling Making Machine

Drum screen can effectively separate fiber bundles, impurities and particles in the pulp, improve the quality of the paper, and avoid agglomerations and stains in the paper.

Drum screen uses rotating motion and holes in the screen, with the help of a high-speed rotating cylinder, so that the pulp passes through the screen holes under the action of the screen. Larger impurities are retained on the screen, while the fiber bundles flow downstream through the screen.

Application & Features

1. Install a spray device to clean impurities on the screen and improve the screening effect.

2. High degree of automation and high screening efficiency.

3. With the help of big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, online monitoring and automatic adjustment can be achieved to improve production efficiency and quality control levels.

4. All parts in contact with the slurry are made of stainless steel.

In order to improve the screening effect, Leizhan can also be equipped with advanced technologies such as multi-layer screens, automatic screen cleaning devices, and spray systems. Welcome to contact us. Email: