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Dryer Part Paper Making Dryer Cylinder

For many years, dryer part operational performance testing has been considered as part of paper making process optimization. Five dryer part performance indicators that are relatively easy to collect can well illustrate the energy efficiency of the dryer part:

Five Dryer Part Performance

1. Steam hood exhaust humidity

2. Steam hood air supply volume related to the evaporation load of the dryer part

3. Air supply temperature of dryer part

4. Energy loss of steam system

5. Ratio of high-pressure fresh steam consumption to total steam consumption in the dryer part

Leizhan Machinery uses high-efficiency heat pumps to replace ordinary and inefficient traditional heat pumps, rationally designs the size of the siphon and orifice plate, improves the accuracy of the pressure difference transmitter, and enables the dryer part to work under the lowest pressure difference. Make pressure difference control an important task in optimizing production management.

Our engineers can calculate the theoretical steam consumption per ton of paper based on the operating parameters of the paper machine and compare it with industry standards. Through on-site assessment services and calculations, we can find ways to optimize the dryer part and provide specific optimization and transformation plans. Email: