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High Consistency Hydrapulper For Pulp Preparation Line

High-consistency hydrapulper is one of the indispensable core equipment in the waste paper deinking and pulping process. The high-concentration hydrapulper can keep the ink particles and impurities in their original size as much as possible, so that the subsequent ink removal, screening, purification and other processes can be carried out smoothly, saving steam, medicine and power consumption.

Application & Features

1. The bearing support device adopts a low-friction structure, and all parts except the packing culvert are non-contact seals to reduce unnecessary energy loss.

2. The lower part is equipped with a tank bottom flange connected to the pulp discharge plate.

3. The lower part of the tank is equipped with a transmission part, which is composed of a main shaft, bearings, bearing seats and pulleys.

4. A large-aperture screen plate can be installed under the rotor according to process needs. It can also be used as a low-consistency hydrapulper by replacing the rotor and screen plate.

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