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High Quality Paper Mill Machine Drum Pulper

Compared with traditional pulp equipment, our drum pulper can complete the pulp production process with lower energy consumption and higher efficiency. Drum pulper adopts the unique design of a rotating drum, which can efficiently break and stir waste paper and cellulose raw materials, and quickly disperse cellulose in water.

Unique Advantages of Drum Pulper

1. Made of high-quality materials and strict production processes, it has been rigorously tested and optimized for many times.

2. The performance is stable and can run for a long time without losing efficiency and quality.

3. Real-time monitoring and adjustment can be achieved through the automated control system to easily optimize the pulp processing process and improve efficiency.

Let drum pulper be your right assistant to improve paper production efficiency and quality! Contact us for more details and customization options about drum pulper. Email: