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High Speed Stock Washer for Paper Making

High Speed Stock Washer

High-speed washing machine is our company based on foreign advanced technology, successful develop a new type of deinking pulp washing equipment. The whole machine adopts fully enclosed structure, stainless steel shell, can replace the disc thickener and oblique spiral thickener, simplifying the process and reducing costs.

The device has a very high removal efficiency of the ink particles, fillers and other small impurities in the slurry, can be widely used in various domestic and foreign newsprint recycled paper pulp, waste paper, tissue paper recycling pulp, waste paper recycling paper pulp and various office waste paper recycling pulp, and other chemical pulp bleaching after the original washing and concentration of pulp.

Leizhan High-speed stock washer advantages

1. High impurity removal efficiency: Washed slurry ash removal rate of 99% or more.
2. Dehydration efficiency: extremely thin layer of pulp and high centrifugal force not only help small prolapse, but also conducive to water prolapse, the device has a lower inlet pulp concentration and a higher outlet pulp concentration, so that the pulp slurry dehydration rate reached More than 90.
3. After washing the high degree of slurry cleaning
4. After washing pulp quality uniform
5. Small footprint, large production capacity
6. Simple operation, save manpower
7. Clean environment, safe operation