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Improvement Of Paper Machine D Type Hydrapulper

D-type hydrapulper adopts advanced mixing technology and hydraulic circulation system, which can improve the mixing effect of the hydrapulper and the hydrolysis speed of the slurry. At the same time, by optimizing the equipment’s feeding and discharging systems, operator intervention is reduced and the continuity and stability of the production line are improved. By improving production efficiency, the D-type hydrapulper can meet customer needs for fast and efficient

Application & Features of D Type Hydrapulper

Improve pulp quality:

1. The D-type hydrapulper needs to achieve effective separation and removal of impurities in the pulp by improving the mixing structure and hydrolysis process of the equipment.

2. Introduce fine screening and efficient cleaning technology to improve the cleanliness and uniformity of pulp.

Energy conservation and environmental protection:

1. Improve the transmission system and power device of the equipment, improve energy utilization efficiency, and reduce energy consumption.

2. Advanced waste gas treatment technology and wastewater treatment equipment can be introduced to reduce environmental pollution.

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