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Paper Grapple For Paper Pulping Line

The special grapple of the pulper is mainly applied to capture the lighter impurities. Its design goal is to increase the efficiency of impurity removal to ensure that the pulping system can efficiently handle various types of waste. The design of this grapple focuses on flexibility and ease of operation, allowing it to accommodate different sizes and types of light impurities.

Application & Features

1. The grapple is equipped with advanced automation technology, enabling unmanned or remote-controlled operations.

2. Intelligent features, including fault detection and early warning systems, are integrated into the grapple.

3. The grapple boasts exceptional handling speed and has a high weight carrying capacity.

4. Energy-saving performance of the grapple is enhanced, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

5. Research and development efforts are focused on exploring new materials for the grapple, enhancing wear resistance and extending its lifespan.

The openable and closable structure of the grapple makes it more effective to capture impurities and can quickly remove garbage. The application of this grapple will greatly improve the processing efficiency of the pulper and ensure the stable and reliable operation of the system. Email: