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Paper Machine Spare Parts Reeling Machine

Reeling machine usually consists of a main machine and supporting auxiliary machines. The main machine includes functional modules such as paper supply, paper cutting, paper rolling, and packaging.

Reeling machine is equipped with an advanced control system, which can realize automated production and operation. The control system can adjust parameters such as machine speed, paper tension, and cutting size to ensure product quality and stability.

Operating Principle of Reeling Machine

1. Feed the raw materials into the machine through the paper supply system.

2. Cut the raw materials into appropriate widths through the paper cutting system.

3. Curl the cut paper through the paper rolling system to form a roll paper.

4. Pack the roll paper into finished roll paper through the packaging system.

In general, reeling machine is an important piece of paper equipment. Through advanced technology and automated control, it achieves efficient, stable and safe production of paper rolls and meets people’s demand for toilet paper. Email address: