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Paper Pulp Machine High Consistency Hydrapulper

High-consistency hydrapulper has become one of the indispensable core equipment in the waste paper deinking pulping process, and is mainly applied in the waste paper deinking process.

Leizhan’s high-consistency hydrapulper is designed after studying foreign data. It can quickly waste paper under high-concentration conditions. At the same time, through the action of chemicals, the ink particles and fibers are separated, and the ink particles and impurities are kept as original as possible. It has a certain size, so that the subsequent ink removal, screening, purification and other processes can be carried out smoothly.

Application & Features

1. Suitable for the disintegration and ink stripping of various waste paper deinked pulp.

2. The special spiral rotor has strong ability to loosen the pulp without destroying impurities.

3. The treatment pulp concentration is high and the pulp is fully dehydrated.

4. Compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

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