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Paper Pulping Machine Single Fiber Separator

The single fiber separator can further separate the fibers in the waste paper pulp and remove impurities in the pulp to ensure the quality of the waste paper pulp.

The working principle of the single fiber separator is to achieve fiber separation through secondary dehydration and screening. First, the waste paper pulp undergoes a fluffing operation to break up the fibers and disperse them in water. Then, after being pumped, the waste paper pulp enters the single fiber separator.

Inside the separator, the waste paper pulp passes through the high-speed rotating impeller, which generates shear force and centrifugal force to further disperse and separate the fibers. At the same time, the fiber is separated from light and heavy impurities through the action of the screen. Heavy impurities are deposited at the bottom of the waste slurry tank, while light impurities are discharged out of the machine.

Residues in waste paper pulp can also be processed through a single fiber separator to ensure the quality of waste paper pulp. In order to improve work efficiency, the equipment can automatically perform slag discharge operations as needed, and has reliable and stable operating performance. Email address: