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Reject Separator For Stock Preparation Line

Reject separator has large production capacity, high processing efficiency and good impurity separation effect. Moreover, the reject separator has the advantages of long service life, no dirt splashing, compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The fiber recovery rate is high and it is an ideal tailing treatment equipment.

Application & Features

1. It can effectively separate impurities and waste materials in pulp to ensure the quality of paper.

2. Suitable for different types and concentrations of pulp.

3. It has an automated control system that can realize automated operation and monitoring.

4. The design of the reject separator takes environmental protection and energy consumption into consideration, which can reduce energy consumption and waste emissions.

The use of reject separator can help paper mills improve the efficiency and quality of paper production, reduce production costs, and comply with environmental protection standards. If you need more details, please contact us. Email address: