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Small Toilet Paper Making Machine

Parameters of Small Toilet Paper Machine

1.Trimmed width: 2850mm
2.Output: 15t/d
3.Basis weight: 30g/㎡
4.Operating speed:380m/min

Components of Crescent Former Tissue Paper Machine

1.Headbox: The headbox is installed on the frame of the wire part, etc.
2.Crescent forming part: The wire width is 2870mm. The frame material is mild steel lined stainless steel.
3.Press part: Single press area, vacuum roll. Felt loop frame: low carbon steel clad 304 stainless steel.Yankee Rack: Mild Steel Clad 304 Stainless Steel
4.Drying part: Diameter is 4877mm, face width is 3250mm
5.Reeling part: Horizontal reeling machine, pneumatic control, steel frame and track

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