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Stock Preparation Machine Heavy Impurity Cleaner

The heavy impurity cleaner is specifically designed to remove heavy impurities such as stones, metal particles, and plastics from the pulp. Heavy impurity cleaner effectively separates these contaminants from the pulp, preventing them from causing potential damage to the paper machine or affecting the quality of the final paper product.

Application & Features of Heavy Impurity Cleaner

1. Improved pulp quality: It ensures that the pulp feed into subsequent paper machine stages is cleaner, resulting in reduced defects, better physical properties, and superior printability of the final paper product.

2. Enhanced pulp cleanliness: Helps maintain a higher level of cleanliness in the pulp, reducing the occurrence of defects like specks, holes, and spots in the paper.

3. Adjustable settings and customization: The heavy impurity cleaner for paper machines often comes with adjustable settings that allow operators to customize the cleaning process according to the specific characteristics and requirements of the pulp. This flexibility ensures optimal efficiency and impurity removal, tailored to different paper grades and production conditions.

Heavy impurity cleaners are designed to handle large volumes of pulp. Heavy impurity cleaners have a high-capacity design, allowing for continuous operation and efficient impurity removal even in high-speed paper machines. If you have interest to our machine, please contact us by email: