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The Most Important Factor In The Paper Making Process

How to use water well directly affects the final paper making and how to better save energy and reduce emissions. Water is indispensable in the entire production process of the pulp and paper industry. Whether the quality of water is good or not has a decisive impact on the quality of pulp and paper, such as capacitor paper, electrical insulation paper, photographic paper and rayon pulp, etc., which require higher than general production water requirements.

In particular, capacitor paper and electrical insulation paper are produced using water treated with cation and anion exchange resins. For boiler water, the required quality is even higher, because hard water will scale the boiler and affect heat transfer. The oxygen, carbon dioxide and chloride ions in the water have a corrosive effect on the boiler wall. The slightly higher content of these impurities is detrimental to the operation of the boiler.

Therefore, boiler water must undergo softening, deaeration, and desalination to ensure that its quality meets boiler water standards. If you need high-quality boilers or other high-quality paper machines, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us by email at