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Waste Paper Pulping Equipment Conical Refiner

waste ppaer pulping equipment conical refiner

Compared with other refining equipments, Conical Refiner has the advantages of high beating efficiency and good pulp quality. It is an ideal equipment for long fiber beating. It can be used in a single unit or in multiple series in parallel.

The Conical Refiner should be placed in a place with good ventilation and lighting conditions. The ground should be kept clean, and the water around the equipment should be drained so that the water flowing out of the water seal can be discharged smoothly.

There is a certain space for the operator to be left around the Conical Refiner. The operating cabinet is placed on the side of the wall. The conical shell and the wall have a certain position for use when changing the stator.

Conical Refiners’ Impact on the Environment and Energy

1. The fiber produced by this machine has high strength and low energy consumption for refining. For long fiber wood pulp, under the same beating conditions, tensile strength, burst strength and tear resistance are better than other refining equipment.

2. If the same tensile strength is achieved, a lower degree of beating can be used, which can save electricity consumption and facilitate dehydration, and energy saving can be as high as 20%.

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