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Production Machine for Tissue Paper Mill

Leizhan to supply complete set of production machine for Tissue paper mills to produce high quality toilet tissue paper roll. Pulp processing line and toilet paper making line.

Egg Tray Paper Making Machine

Egg tray paper making plant from waste paper contains two parts: Pulp making line and Egg tray moulding machine. We are Know for manufacturing high quality paper pulp processing machine.

15T/D Kraft Paper Making Machine Supplier China

The whole 15t/d kraft paper production line use waste paper as raw material contains: Waste paper pulping line and 1880 kraft paper machine.

10T/D Carton Paper Manufacturing Plant

Solution for making 10T/D Carton paper using Newspaper, Office paper and Scrap cardboard as raw materials. Pulp production line and carton paper making machine.

Facial Tissue Paper Roll Manufacturing Plant

Leizhan supplies complete facial tissue paper making plant contains stock preparation line and paper production machine for paper mill. Pulping, cleaning, screening, pulp washing, refining.

Writing And Printing Paper Production Line

Supplier of Whole Wring And Printing Paper Production Line contains Pulp production line and paper making machine for paper makers. Wood pulp, Virgin pulp, White shavings, Waste paper, etc.

Corrugated Paper Production Plant

To produce high strength corrugated paper board, paper makers’ challenge and Leizhan’s solution for Pulp processing and Paper production.

Absorbent Kraft Paper Making Plant

To make high quality Absorbent kraft paper, we can supply the whole customized stock preparation and approach flow system for customers with various solutions.

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