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2880mm Carton Box Paper Making Machine


2880mm Carton Box Paper Making Machine, also called Carton Paperboard Machinery, can make liner board paper, corrugated paper and other packing paper by using old carton, virgin wood pulp, etc.

2880mm Carton Box Paper Machine

This Carton Paperboard Machinery is suitble for the pulp made by waste paper, old carton box, wood, cotton stalk etc. The output paper can be kraft paper, corrugated/fluting paper, testliner paper, which can make various carton box.

Technical parameters:
Capacity: 60-70 ton per day
Net paper width: 2800mm
Paper thickness: 80-200 g/m²
Design speed: 200 m/min
Working speed: 70-170m/min
Width of wire: 3400mm
Rail gauge: 3900mm

This 2880MM Carton Box Paper Making Machine is not the only carton paperboard machinery that we provide. We also supply 3200 Kraft Liner Board Paper Machinery5500mm Testliner Paper Making machine, etc. Welcome to contact us for more details: